3D creative Designer

I am currently working at Nike as freelancer graphic designer and living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Although I love this city (with all the different types of rain), I was born and raised in South Korea. I spent a lot of time traveling and love adventures and challenges. A good example for this is the time I went to India and New Zealand for a year, without making any plans. On one of my travels, I found in Singapore a country that I would love to stay and work in. I worked there as a designer for an exhibition company and lived there for a total of two years. I studied interior architecture design in Korea, which gave me a decent background in all kinds of structures, space and 3D design. I am always trying to create something new and am a big fan of 3D and motion design. Do you got some awesome projects? Let’s create something together!

Character design | 3D (Cinema 4D) | Lighting & Rendering | Motion | Illustration | Packaging 

Resume Interview with Digital Arts